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Who? - complete story (see post below for details of how this started)

Phil: The room around me is cold and musty, the primary colour on the walls seems to be a mouldy grey illuminated by a 40 watt bulb hanging unshaded from the ceiling. Daylight, how I crave daylight. My only solace is being able to sit here at this excuse for a desk and write, putting my thoughts down, trying to drag some semblance of the truth out. They said it might make me remember, that it could be cathartic, whatever that means, but I don't know. Still, I prefer this to their other methods of helping me remember. They've kept me here for what must be weeks now and still I don't know why they're holding me. Hell, I don't even know who I am most of the time! All I know for certain is the routine. Have to do the routine. No question about that. I have the bruises to show for it when I don't follow the routine. There’s someone at the door, the key’s sticking in the lock the way it always does. Jiggle, jiggle, once more, jiggle and, yes, and there goes the

Who? - A collaborative chain story (is that the right phrase?)

Back in February this year I decided to write the opening to a story on the Geek Syndicate forums and leave it open for others to come along and build the story with me.  There were only two rules: Be true to what others had written before; you just can't dismiss something because it doesn't fit where you thought things were going. Leave two posts between your last post and your next one to allow others to play. This was one of the strangest and most obsessive things of my life.  I knew where I wanted this story to go but saw it lurch from side to side, twisting and turning like a cornered snake.  All this was to the good as the story went in directions I had never envisaged and became so much better for it.  I kept logging in to see if someone had added anything new, desperate to see where we were headed now on the good ship Who?; destination unknown.  When my turn came it allowed me to practice my writing in a safe environment, letting me flex my writer's muscle. The i

Where did my blog go?

Ok, my last blog vanished mysteriously from my account so, as there was not much there have decided to start from scratch.  Slightly annoying but no died because of it right.  Did they?