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The Prediction - all of a muddle

Phew, you made it past the apocalypse and ploughed your way through richly deserved Christmas merriments. I have to apologise to everyone as I have become befuddled with days of the week over this yuletide period and thought today was Thursday hence now being a day late to proclaim my winner! So, without further ado, and much grovelling for forgiveness, here is my winner for this week.... ..... RR Kovar with Pageant . Rebecca - if I am right this is the second time you have provided poetry for us and grabbed first place. I really liked Pageant, the way it weaved stories within stories. A beautiful mythos unfolding as we discover more about the world, and the fate, that the orphan queen has thrust herself into. Just felt that this one had a wonderful sense of legend about it at this time of the year. A deserved winner. My congratulations to Rebecca and I will abstain from naming a runner-up this week in my haste to get new words out to all. Needless to say, I have enjoyed reading

The Prediction - the end of the world as we know it?

If you believe the stories being bandied around on the internet and in the tabloids, the world is due to end on Friday 21 December as foretold (or not) by the Mayans. So, will the impending apocalypse inspire you or send you screaming to the hills? Well, I guess we shall have to see. In the meantime, you have a fortnight to get your entries in as I have a social engagement on Thursday next week so will be unable to judge. Therefore I will close The Prediction on Thursday 27 December so you have a bit more time to fit writing around last minute Christmas shopping (or world destroying meteor showers, whichever comes first). If you want a chance to write over both weeks then don't forget to check out Hunted , our collaborative chain story. Sandra added another piece this week. Do go and check it out and write the next installment if you are so inclined. Now on to the winner for this week. Tough, tough decision this week (isn't it always though) and I've thought long and

The Prediction - getting the chills

It's starting to get a bit cold outside, I'm having to scrape frost off the car of a morning and there are definitely a few more layers going on before I step out. And yet the weather doesn't chill me half as much as the tales which you lay at my door every week. Speaking of tales, a while back I started up a collaborative chain story on here called Hunted . With the site design it rapidly fell down the pages until a brainwave hit me! I have now put a permanent link to the story on the right hand menu. Take a look and add to the story as you see fit. Marietta has added another twist to the tale just this week. Really want to see where you all take us with it. Now on to this week's judging. As always the entires were of the finest quality yet one still managed to shine out to me above the rest. My winner this week is Zaiuregrey with Stolen Youth . Zaiure - this was a masterclass in description. Some excellent turns of phrase which painted such a vivid picture for