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The Woods

Firstly, for anyone who passes by this blog from time to time, apologies as I have been neglectful in my duties and have left the weeds to grow. This has mainly been due to life with a major family illness and a lot of change in my day job. However, I have been busy writing in the background when the time allows and also a bit of editing. Peter Mark May of Hersham Horror Books was kind enough to ask me to be editor for the latest in his fantastic PentAnth series. The connecting theme is five writers coming together on a single themed anthology (hence the Pent and Anth). Peter asked me to wrangle writers together on the subject of The Woods. Fantastic! I love the woods in general, spending lots of my free time either with family or on my own walking in the woods and exploring nature, so this was a perfect theme for me. I am delighted to say that I was able to find some fine, fine writers to be part of this anthology alongside my good self (the editor always puts in a story in the Pe