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Never ever settle

The other night I was out at the British Fantasy Society Christmas Social (and a great night it was too). I got chatting with a number of top folks and we got on to the subject of writing as is inevitable at these things. I made the following statement (or words to that effect):"I cannot see myself making enough from my writing for it to be anything other than a hobby." And in one fell swoop I had settled. It was as easy as that. I had dismissed my dream of being a professional writer as being too hard, the likelihood of me achieving it too astronomically small when you call the maths in to play. This right at the moment when folks are saying some amazing things about the stuff I am putting out there. So this is a message for current me and future me (and anyone else who might be in a similar position). NEVER EVER SETTLE. I may not make more than my current salary each year through my writing. But then again I might and then some. One thing is for certain - the minu

Let's review that

Getting your work noticed in this age of the internet is tough. There's lots of people shouting to be heard so how do you get your work noticed by reviewers and up on their sites. I don't have a magic bullet but as an author who used to be a reviewer I can offer some words which I hope are useful. First up, find out who the reviewers in your genre are. I write mainly horror so tend to go to places like Ginger Nuts of Horror, DLS Reviews, British Fantasy Society and so forth (there are loads out there so don't be offended if I haven't mentioned your favourite site - in fact, let me know of your favourite site as I love to discover great reviewers and hear what they are reading). Next, have a read of what they review. Does your book fit their preferred genres? If your book is splatterpunk but the site tends towards quieter, more psychological tales then they might not be interested. Read the site's review policy! This is really, really important which is why I&

Becoming David - finally he lives!

Exciting times for me. I have published my first novella and it is with the wonderful Hersham Horror as part of their Primal Range of novellas  alongside Mark West, James Everington, Stephen Bacon and also Marie O'Regan who has her collection out with Hersham. Becoming David  is a dark tale about a cannibal and what happens when David comes into his life. You can read the blurb here: Richard leads a simple, uncomplicated life in the suburbs of London where anonymity is a virtue. His life has a routine. His cleaner visits twice a week and he works out in his basement, where occasionally he kills people. Everything is as Richard wants it until David enters his life. What happens next changes his whole existence and the lives of those around him. Is he able to trust anything to be true? And will he be able to escape David or will David take over his life completely? The artwork for the cover is excellent and undertaken by the talented Neil Williams. There are some g