Never ever settle

The other night I was out at the British Fantasy Society Christmas Social (and a great night it was too). I got chatting with a number of top folks and we got on to the subject of writing as is inevitable at these things.

I made the following statement (or words to that effect):"I cannot see myself making enough from my writing for it to be anything other than a hobby."

And in one fell swoop I had settled. It was as easy as that. I had dismissed my dream of being a professional writer as being too hard, the likelihood of me achieving it too astronomically small when you call the maths in to play. This right at the moment when folks are saying some amazing things about the stuff I am putting out there.

So this is a message for current me and future me (and anyone else who might be in a similar position). NEVER EVER SETTLE.

I may not make more than my current salary each year through my writing. But then again I might and then some.

One thing is for certain - the minute you accept that you cannot achieve something then you've created a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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