Broken on the Inside, Black Shuck Books, 2018

Cover for Broken on the Inside showing five stacking Russian dolls in grey


Les Vacances published by Alchemy Press, 2020 (reprint)

Les Vacances book cover shows old woman with spoon and bowl

Les Vacances published in Into The Night Eternal: Tales of French Folk Horror, Lycopolis Press, 2018

Becoming David, Hersham Horror Books, 2016 (Nominated Best Newcomer 2017, British Fantasy Awards)

Becoming David cover shows hand holding a mirror shard reflecting an angry face

Short stories 

In Darkness, Delight: Fear The Future, Corpus Press, September 2021 includes my story What It Takes

Great British Horror 4: Dark and Stormy Nights, Black Shuck Books, October 2019 includes my story Old Women and Knives

The Thread of the Infinite: Tales of Industrial Horror, Snowbooks, August 2019 includes my story The Harvest

The Woods, Hersham Horror Books, July 2019 includes my story The Teddy Bear's Picnic

Not Simon, Ginger Nuts of Horror, February 2019: an exclusive short story available for free

The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors, Alchemy Press, November 2018 includes my story The Girl with Three Eyes

Under the Weather, Burdizzo Books and Back Road Books, August 2018 includes my story Richard of Cork

Holding on by Our Fingertips, Grimbold Books, May 2018 includes my story Dust

In Dog we Trust, Black Shuck Books, May 2018 includes my story A Dog is for Death

The Black Room Manuscripts Volume III, Sinister Horror Company, February 2018 includes my story Gifts

Imposter Syndrome, Dark Minds Press, October 2017 includes my story Virtually Famous (Nominated Best Anthology 2018, British Fantasy Awards)

The Anatomy of Monsters, Stitched Smile Publications, June 2017 includes my story The Darkness in our Dreams

This Twisted Earth, Six Minutes to Midnight, October 2016 includes my story And The Desert Cried Tears

Masks, Black Shuck Books, September 2015 includes my story The Man who Fed the Foxes

Teeming Terrors, Knightwatch Press, July 2015 includes my story Hive Mind

Chip Shop of Horrors, Knightwatch Press, March 2015 includes my story Discomfort Food

The Grimorium Verum, Western Legends Publishing, February 2015 includes my story Herb Law

Phobophobias, Western Legends Publishing, October 2014 includes my story There Was an Old Man

Potatoes, Knightwatch Press, July 2014 includes my story The Banshee's Egg


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