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Thought I would start to put up some of my reviews on this site which have previously appeared on . Let' start with the wonderful John Dies at the End: John Dies at the End by David Wong (ISBN 978-0-312-55513-9) I am sitting here trying to pull my thoughts together for this review of John Dies at the End (or JDATE as I’ll call it from now on) and I’m struggling to know where to begin.  Not because it is a bad book – quite the opposite – but because there is so much going on here. Ok, let’s start with the basics.  JDATE is a comedy horror that works and it works very well.  David Wong and the eponymous John are two college dropouts living in ‘Undisclosed,’ America trying to hold down jobs and fight off the coming apocalypse.  Now to frame this properly I need to get you in the right mental state, try and define the style.  Right… think Evil Dead meets Clerks, throw in some Resident Evil, a shot of South Park and then a few mind altering drugs,