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So I only went and got shortlisted for a BFS Best Newcomer award!

Okay, so I was a little bit blown away a few days ago - so much so that I forgot to put anything here on the blog (note to self - get better at this blogging malarkey). I went out for an afternoon visit to the cinema with my wife on Friday. Had a great time watching War for the Planet of the Apes. Got back home and checked into Facebook. A load of PMs and notifications. Turns out Becoming David had been shortlisted in the British Fantasy Society's awards for Best Newcomer. Holy crap. A book which I wrote up for such an amazing award. Huge thanks to everyone who voted for me and for all the kind words since. You've made a still vaguely youngish bloke really happy. And do go check out the talent listed for the awards across all the categories. Such a great time to be a reader:

Anatomy of Monsters launch - Saturday 8 July

Excited to have my short story The Darkness of our Dreams appearing in Anatomy of Monsters which is edited by Robert Teun and published by Stitched Smile Publications. Each story gives us a take on the birth, or coming into being, of famous monsters like the Phantom of the Opera, the Wolfman and so on. I took a bit of a liberty and decided to go with the birth of nightmares as I figured that is the boogieman which affects us all. Really proud to be appearing alongside some of the heavy hitters of the horror genre. Full list of contributors here: Ramsey Campbell, Josh Malerman, Gary McMahon, Nicholas Burman-Vince, Brian Hodge, Daniel I Russell, Laura Mauro, Simon Bestwick, Alex Laybourne, Jess Landry, Alisha Jordan, Phil Sloman, Greg Chapman, Carl Jennings, Stephen Chapman And a quick note to say Greg Chapman also provides the cover and internal art as well as a story of his own. The online launch party is Saturday 8 July and can be found by clicking here .