So I only went and got shortlisted for a BFS Best Newcomer award!

Okay, so I was a little bit blown away a few days ago - so much so that I forgot to put anything here on the blog (note to self - get better at this blogging malarkey). I went out for an afternoon visit to the cinema with my wife on Friday. Had a great time watching War for the Planet of the Apes. Got back home and checked into Facebook. A load of PMs and notifications. Turns out Becoming David had been shortlisted in the British Fantasy Society's awards for Best Newcomer. Holy crap. A book which I wrote up for such an amazing award.

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for me and for all the kind words since. You've made a still vaguely youngish bloke really happy.

And do go check out the talent listed for the awards across all the categories. Such a great time to be a reader:


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