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The cat is out of the bag!!!

And so the cat is out of the bag. Yes, from Friday 18 May I shall be taking on the role of hosting the weekly Friday Flash 'competition' The Prediction, taking over from the lovely Lily Childs as she devotes time to freeing the novel within her. For those of you who haven't been to Lily's site, pop over here  and check out the great writing there from a host of talented individuals who grace Lily''s Feardom each week. The stories are 100 word flash pieces with more than a hint of darkness in them based on three chosen words each week. Whilst you're there have a look at Lily's own writings; particularly her Magenta Shamen books and Cabaret of Dread. For the regular Predictioneers, what will Phlambler's World be offering? Well pretty much what you've had at Lily's site. Everything works so well I feel it would be a crime to try and jazz things up. And I'll be keeping the name The Prediction as it would be sacrilegious to do otherwise :-

Tidying for guests

Well, over the past week I have been tidying up Phlambler's World in anticipation of some new guests coming round in a few weeks. Can't say much more until an announcement is made tomorrow (Friday 27 April) but I will say I am excited to be hosting some wonderful talents in the near future and seeing what offerings they may bring!

City of Hell Chronicles: Trifecta - authors announced

I'm quite excited as this is the first time that I have been plugged ahead of a book being launched. A while ago the wonderful Anacrhon Press, publishers of the City of Hell Chronicles annouced open submissions for their next City of Hell book. I took the plunge and wrote a six thousand word piece which I am delighted to say will be in their next publication: City of Hell Chronicles: Trifecta. Find out more about it here: I'll publish more details about release dates once I know more.