The cat is out of the bag!!!

And so the cat is out of the bag. Yes, from Friday 18 May I shall be taking on the role of hosting the weekly Friday Flash 'competition' The Prediction, taking over from the lovely Lily Childs as she devotes time to freeing the novel within her.

For those of you who haven't been to Lily's site, pop over here and check out the great writing there from a host of talented individuals who grace Lily''s Feardom each week. The stories are 100 word flash pieces with more than a hint of darkness in them based on three chosen words each week. Whilst you're there have a look at Lily's own writings; particularly her Magenta Shamen books and Cabaret of Dread.

For the regular Predictioneers, what will Phlambler's World be offering? Well pretty much what you've had at Lily's site. Everything works so well I feel it would be a crime to try and jazz things up. And I'll be keeping the name The Prediction as it would be sacrilegious to do otherwise :-)

So the only real change will be the decor and my own personal style on things. The main thing is to let the writing be the star as it always has been!

Now, if Lily and I can just work out how to transport that mighty tome of hers over here come Friday 18 May when the deeds are handed over.........

In the meantime why not enter the latest Prediction here.


  1. Phil, I am so grateful for your generosity in taking on The Prediction - as are the Predictioneers. I hope you enjoy hosting and judging as much as I have these last two years.

    Long may the challenge continue!

    Now, as for that tome - might have to go by freight, me thinks.

  2. Hi Phil, I've been out of the loop for a few weeks and not entered Lily's challenge. I've linked you up on my site, and will check in and enter when I can.

    Good luck with it, buddy!!

    David Barber.

  3. thanks so much, Phil! I understand totally Lily's reason for closing it, to allow her to work, but also hoped someone would take it, as we have built up a community of Predictioneers to the point it would be a shame to see it all split apart.
    I am looking forward to visiting and seeing what my fellow Predictioneers come up with!
    Meantime, back to the current words...

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words all. Look forward to seeing what tales of darkness everyone can conjure in the coming months :-)


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