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So you want people to read your book - getting yourself noticed (self-publishing)

There are lots of people out there at present trying to get their self-published first novel noticed. With such a huge amount of competition out there just how do you go about doing it? Here are some of my thoughts based on nothing more than musings from my mind as someone who wants to do this one day (note I'm thinking self-publishing your first book hence no mention of agents/major publishing houses). Get yourself a readership in advance. There are lots of websites out there currently accepting short pieces so go and submit to them. You're going out there to give people a flavour of 'you' basically. Target the sites that are of interest to you (e.g. for horror try  or ) and submit to them. Remember though, check for ownership of your piece where you post it. If you had planned to put in a collection of your own short stories then make sure that you can do this in their terms and conditions or see