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The Prediction - let the games begin!

Oh, oh, oh! The Olympics are here. The Olympics are here!!! A fortnight of the world's finest coming together to compete for glory in honour of the ancient gods. So let us pay homage to the ancient gods here on this week's Prediction challenge and see what Herculean acts of writing can be achieved over the 100 words dash!   Before I fire my starter's pistol though, let me tell you who is on the podium this week.   My gold medalist this week is Matt Farr with Exhibit F - Note Found Next To First Body . Matt - I thought that this was an incredibly well written piece which drew us into the mind of the killer. A tale which tells us the dangers of letting obsession become all consuming with a killer final line. Superb.   My silver medallist is the ever elegant Lily Childs with 'untitled' .  Lily - there was just something wonderfully mystical about this piece. There's a lovely ambiguity to the situation which intrigued me greatly, making me read those

The Prediction - firing your imagination

Gosh, it feels like an eternity since I last judged The Prediction and yet only two weeks have passed. A busy time in my life but also in the lives of the Predictioneers as we have been coming into the mad rush before everyone scoots off on their summer holidays! Over here in the UK everything is gearing up towards the Olympics and the Olympic Flame is touring the country before the greatest sporting spectacle in the world kicks off next week. In the meantime, Predictioneers have kept the fire burning here at Phlambler's World with some top notch flashing (oo er missus!). So, without further ado, here are this week's winners: Gold medal goes to Marietta Miles for The Ordinary . Marietta -   you really struck a chord with me with this piece. Written just before the five year anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, I was transported to a time of chaos and panic where the lives of so many ordinary (and extraordinary) people were changed forever. You captured every

The Prediction - putting the fear into everything!

Why hello there, nice of you all to pop round once again for another installment of The Prediction. I decided to post my results and new words this evening as I always write this on a Thursday night before bed and then schedule it to appear on the Friday morning. Do you prefer it this way or would you rather wait for Friday for it to appear? Do let me know. Also, another change for this week  I am going to give you two weeks to get your entries in. I'm out for drinks with a friend who just recovering from a v. serious illness on Thursday night and then it's my wedding anniversary on Friday (yes, that's right Friday 13th and it was also Friday 13th when we get wed five years ago up in bonnie Scotland). So, rather than try the impossible and fit everything in, I thought I would postpone judging until Thursday 19th July. Hope it gives you all more time to play and that you will forgive me my indulgences just this once and we will return to weekly after that. So, let's