Tidying for guests

Well, over the past week I have been tidying up Phlambler's World in anticipation of some new guests coming round in a few weeks.

Can't say much more until an announcement is made tomorrow (Friday 27 April) but I will say I am excited to be hosting some wonderful talents in the near future and seeing what offerings they may bring!


  1. Oh, well - I ever was over-punctual, as well as something of a hoverer on the sidelines, but I'm very glad to be here and not abandoned out in the lonely cold - thanks Phil.

  2. Ha ha, with both you and Lily mentioning you had announcements coming today I did wonder... ;)

    Nice one, mate. Look forward to seeing this place on a regular basis. ;D

  3. The truth is out!! I'm going to wait until your next post before I comment further, in case anyone's still guessing :-)

  4. Look forward to seeing you all over here in a few weeks :-)


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