Becoming David - finally he lives!

Exciting times for me. I have published my first novella and it is with the wonderful Hersham Horror as part of their Primal Range of novellas alongside Mark West, James Everington, Stephen Bacon and also Marie O'Regan who has her collection out with Hersham.

Becoming David is a dark tale about a cannibal and what happens when David comes into his life. You can read the blurb here:

Richard leads a simple, uncomplicated life in the suburbs of London where anonymity is a virtue. His life has a routine. His cleaner visits twice a week and he works out in his basement, where occasionally he kills people.

Everything is as Richard wants it until David enters his life. What happens next changes his whole existence and the lives of those around him. Is he able to trust anything to be true? And will he be able to escape David or will David take over his life completely?

The artwork for the cover is excellent and undertaken by the talented Neil Williams.

There are some great reviews up already and here are a selection of them:
Ginger Nuts of Horror - "Becoming David is a powerful novella, it is intelligent, thrilling story that carves its own distinct path in a  genre filled with far too many cliched psychos."

DLS Reviews - "What you get with ‘Becoming David’ is a quietly unnerving tale with a thought-provoking purpose.  It’s one which sucks you into its stark and meticulous world, only to then shove you down some strange passageways where nothing is quite as black and white as it first appeared."

This Is Horror - "He has all the twists and turns of a craftsman with the right tools to construct a great story. His sharp style and gift of building tension within his horror stories makes Sloman a writer worth keeping an eye on in the future."

If you fancy having a read then you can grab a copy either in e-book or dead tree format from Amazon here


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