Friday Flash

I have a little pleasure of mine which entertains me every week.  It is Lily Childs' Feardom and her weekly Friday Prediction. She teases us with three simple words, different each week, to poke and prod at until we can cajole them into being friends with another 97 words to form a flash fiction for the 'delights' of others.

I've been doing this for several months now and feel part of a wonderful community of talented writers who all come out to play on a weekly basis. The stories are varied and always excellent with Lily acting as a 'judge' to award the honour of winner to the best story each week. What I really like is the friendly atmosphere that exists and the encouragement of everyone about each others' writing.

It has improved my writing, teaching me the value of each word and also seeing how others play so wonderfully with the same boundaries given to you.

It is open to anyone who would like to play so do visit  You won't be sorry you came.


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