Onwards into the unknown!

Onwards into the unknown! Okay, that was a mildly more exciting title than it needed to be but I've had a multitude of food, booze and cheer and so it was the best I could do in these trying circumstances. What I wanted to say was 'here is what I am up to in 2018' but it's less snappy and filled with wonder and unknownness.

2018 is one of those years where I'll look quite busy (and I invariably will be) but a lot of the initial legwork has been done in 2017.

Plans for writing work to come out are:

La Vacation - this is a novella length French folk horror story as part of a small anthology being edited by Dean M Drinkel who has published a number of my stories previously. It follows Frank and Elizabeth, a middle-aged English couple, as they take a trip to France the latter half of the last century. Think Hammer horror with a touch of Gallic flare. My first dip into folk horror so will be interesting to see what people think.

I've about three charity anthologies which I have contributed stories to (one story still to be written). The causes will go to help people with autism (Child Autism UK), homeless people (Shelter) and a dog's charity (charity being finalised). Will plug properly as they become available.

On top of that I have four other short stories which have been accepted in to anthologies with themes ranging from monsters, ice cream trucks, the end of the world and industrial horror. There are also a couple of open submissions I might chance my arm at.

I am also really excited to have my own mini-collection coming out with three or four re-prints and a new short story which I shall be penning next month.

And final current work in progress is a novella I have embarked on off my own back entitled Stanley Sebastian Solomon. It's a dark psychological tale about a lad on probation housed up in a halfway house and the residents he lives with. I'm about halfway through and this one feels quite angry as I am writing it (I think a reflection of a personally dark 2017 I have had where my head has been an interesting, if not pleasant, place to be) and hopefully offers something a little different to other works out there. Currently considering whether to experiment with self-publishing or pitching it to established publishers.

Then the real push for 2018 is to put a novel together (isn't that what most writers say at this point?). I have the plot in my head and it feels like something both commercial as well as something I want to write. Sitting in the psychological market I hope I can ride on this year's BFS Best Newcomer nomination but we'll see. The first thing is to get the words down on paper otherwise wishes and dreams count for nothing!

Looking forward to an exciting 2018 and also to reading the vast quantity of books from others coming out this year. I'm am in awe of so many other writers out there at the moment and the quality they are producing month after month. We truly are in a golden age of horror.

Love, hugs and kisses and an amazing 2018 for all of you!

Phil x


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