A trio of announcements

As usual, have been a bit quiet on here. Perhaps one day I will get good at this blogging lark! Anyway, it is with good reason as I have been busy on the writing front and with something to show for it. Over the next two months I have three writing related ventures out in the wider world.

To start with I have my first solo collection out with Black Shuck Books. Steve Shaw approached me at FantasyCon 2017 to ask what my plans were for the next year and offer me a deal to pull together a mini-collection. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Steve has been doing some great work and building a respected name under the banner of Black Shuck Books. My collection, Broken on the Inside, will be the sixth in the Shadow Series which has featured such names as Paul Kane, Joseph D'Lacey and Thana Niveau among others. What a line up to be alongside!

Broken on the Inside features previously published stories Discomfort Food, The Man who fed the Foxes, There was an Old Man and Virtually Famous alongside a story penned specifically for this collection, the titular Broken on the Inside. And Steve himself produced the cover art based on a concept I gave him which he ran with and then some! I hope folks notice the gradually expanding fracture in the dolls which Steve went above and beyond to sort out. It is released on 4 June and pre-orders are available here:www.blackshuckbooks.co.uk/shadows-6

Next up is my short story Dust which appears in Holding on by our Fingertips from Grimbold Books and featuring some brilliant writers at the top of their game. I was approached by Amanda Rutter to submit a story with no promise of acceptance. The premise was those early days when the end of the world is imminent. Fortunately Amanda liked what I came up with and there is a launch on 8 June at Waterstones, Oxford alongside two other superb books from Grimbold.

Dust tells the tale of a couple in their retirement, holed away in the remoteness of the countryside. How does someone tell someone the world is coming to an end when they have dementia? Does it matter or do you struggle on and pretend everything is normal? A sad tale as the world lurches towards its end game.

And finally a book a long time in the making yet well worth the wait. In Dog We Trust launches on 14 July at EdgeLit in Derby. The brainchild of Anthony Cowin, In Dog We Trust brings us a collection of tales from some amazing writers about our four legged friends and the horrors which exist in the world. All proceeds go to the Birmingham Dog's Home.

My story A Dog is for Death is a grim tale exploring the world of dog fights and dishes out revenge to the vile scum who run this racket. Another offering from Black Shuck Books.

 So there you go. Three books for you to get your hands on with some cracking tales therein. I hope that you enjoy them if you're kind enough to pick up a copy or two.


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