One week to go!

Getting a bit nervous now as it is just one week to go until the responsibility of hosting The Prediction comes my way. For those who did not read my earlier post, it is a weekly 'competition' where people write some wonderful 100 word flash fictions based on three words with a winner chosen (no prizes, just satisfaction of winning and reading the other great entries) and everyone is welcome; just play nicely!

Lily Childs has been an amazing host for the past two years at The Feardom and I hope I can carry on the tradition in a similar vein. It's kind of fitting that during Lily's last week of hosting The Prediction that National Flash Fiction Day falls on 16 May; a lovely piece of cosmic symmetry at play here. I'm personally going to miss Lily hosting things but she's promised that she will pop by here from time to time with some of her delicious, home-baked horror for us to sample when the words are ripe.

Anyway, what are you doing still reading this? You should be hot-footing it over to Lily's place to see what words she has chosen for us all to play with one final time........


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