The Prediction - thank you my friends, thank you

And so it is here, my last time to judge the entries, a task made so hard week in, week out through the sheer quality of writing which has been poured forth onto these pages.

My winner this week is an absent friend who returned this week. That friend is Crimson Archer with his entry Try and Try Again. Paul - I thought that the writing was exquisite. That opening line "A whole shattered into fragments becomes an enigma." was just beautiful and there were so many other phrases to admire. And then that shock of an ending. Wow. I do hope you won't be a stranger to The Prediction at Colleen's place with writing like that.

No runners-up but, and this is the second time of me doing this, a more than honourable mention to RR Kovar and Colleen for their Nate and Seth series. I have become seriously addicted to this series and am not sure if it will continue at Prediction Fiction. It feels like there is still a bit more to come and I would love to read it.

Now this is where I would normally pluck words forth but Colleen will be doing that in a matter of hours so I want to use this space to say a few words if you will allow me before you go to Prediction Fiction ( to continue playing this addictive little game of ours (and do remember that there is a time difference as Colleen is based in the USA whereas I am in the UK.

So, my final words to you, my dear friends.

What I have loved most about The Prediction is the community which Lily built and I have been pleased and honoured to be able to host over the past months. And what an international community it is. We have had visitors from the UK, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, India, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Maybe not all writing but definitely reading the wonderful tales that are presented here every single week.

And the writing which has poured forth for our visitors to read, let us talk about that, such sweet, sweet writing. I would like to recognise each and every person who has submitted a tale, the writers, my friends, who come here to play, all who I mention in no particular order and forgive me if I have missed anyone:

David Barber, Shaun Adams, Sandra Davies, Lily Childs, Nick Robinson, William Davoll, Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, Antonia Woodville, John Xero, Marietta Miles, Helen Howell, Dex Raven, RR Kovar, Colleen Foley, Zaiure Grey, Geraghty10598, Chris Allinotte, Anthony Cowin, Cindy Vaskova, Matt Farr, Zoe Farr, Dion Winton-Polak, Andrew Clark (aka Keehar), Kevin G Bufton, MuckieDuckie, A J Hayes, Aidan Fritz, Asuqi and Paul Richardson.

Everyone is so incredibly talented and so inspirational to each other. It has been a privilege to read your words, follow your writing outside The Prediction (several of you have published books) and an honour to choose a winner each week. I give you all my most heartfelt thanks for visiting and playing with the simple words I poured forth each week. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Before I go, a few months back I met up with Lily at FantasyCon in Brighton. I promised I would post a picture of the two of us together on this site and I have failed to do so up until now. If you look below you will see two former Prediction hosts who both know that it rests in the safe hands of Colleen going forward.


  1. Wow... seriously? me? Crickey, chief!

    I'm honoured and humbled by that, Phil. Really. There were so many poetic, intriguing, creepy and downright amazing pieces of writing that it's enough to be a part of this and not embarrass myself completely!!

  2. Congrats Paul! Definitely a winning entry. :)

    Thank you Phil for hosting the Prediction for us. Loved having you as the host and hope you'll follow us over to Colleen's new place. :)

  3. Well done Paul, a great entry and a well deserved win.

    Phil, thanks for hosting the prediction and the personal sacrifices you have had to make to keep it going. Looking forward to seeing you over at Prediction Fiction.

  4. I wanted to thank you Phil for hosting prediction , I have enjoyed my time over here with you and I will continue to play when time permits over at Colleen's. I look forward to see both you and the other predictioneers over there! ^_^

  5. Well done Paul indeed - first time I remember reading your work and sincerely hope it won't be the last.
    And equally sincerely, thanks you Phil for the welcome and the encouragement - hope you will continue to write over at Colleen's place.

  6. Congratulations Paul! I'm always so excited to see stories from folks I haven't read yet. This was brilliant. Please, please come over to our new home and write with us! I'd love to see your work there!

  7. Congratulations to Paul,aka Crimson Archer. Did anyone ever have such a good user name!!! stunning writing. Looking forward to reading more.
    and thanks, Phil, for all the work of hosting the Prediction. It now moves on, as I think it is destined to do. Colleen will be a worthy trustee!
    My zombie says he is honoured to be given his own page. His adventures continue and had me in hysterics last night...

  8. Congratulations, Paul. A Fine tale indeed.

    Phil - You are a scholar and a gentleman and I class you as a friend, as I do Lily, and one day would hope that we could grace a similar photograph. You've done a fantastic job with The Prediction, carrying on what was already a fantastic place for writers to hone their skills and meet new friends. I applaud you and wish you every success with your own writing and whatever you do in life.

    I hope to see you partaking over at Colleen's place.

    (In a Manc accent) You're a top bloke!!

  9. A wonderful collection of stories last week... or, better phrased... a collection of wonderful, dark, moody, brooding, delicious, horrifying, suspenseful, poignant, humourous, brilliant stories, each and every one a winner! I certainly don't envy Phil the task of choosing one above all the others.

    I've tried to post comments on last week's stories, but Blogger is being a bugger... again! I'll try again later... see if Blogger will cooperate.

    Congratulations, Paul! Wonderful story! I shall have to pop over to Colleen's and read more of your delicious words!

    Phil... thank you so much for the mention... it has been my privilege to participate in the Prediction with so many wonderfully talented writers... I'm always left in a bit of awe after reading them.

    Thank you everyone for your comments on my wee tale... I am more than a little pleased over your wonderful words!

    And thank you to everyone for your support... that has truly been the best part of the Prediction... all the wonderful (am I using 'wonderful' too much? Sorry... my thesaurus is busy churning up new words for my 'one word blog')people here, encouraging and supporting one another.

    Thank you, Phil, for taking over from Lily and continuing to provide a safe haven for writers to meet and collaborate and hone our craft.

    And, a final thank you... to Colleen for taking over from Phil. I don't know that I'll get over this week, but I hope to make it soon.

  10. Thank you all for the kind comments - really means a lot to me.


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