Collaborative chain story - new writing game plus rules

In February 2011, I started up a collaborative chain story on the Geek Syndicate forums as a way to practice writing. Dion Winton-Polak, Paul Richardson and Andrew Clark all took up the challenge to write with me. There were just two rules:
  1. Be true to what others had written before; you just can't dismiss something because it doesn't fit where you thought things were going.
  2. Leave two posts between your last post and your next one to allow others to play.
The final story is in full here and it turned out pretty damn fine in the end if you ask me, especially seeing as none of us discussed the direction during the writing which took place over several months.

As we have a number of Predictioneers here at Phlambler's World writing series as part of The Prediction, I thought it would be good to fire up a new chain story with the same rules as above. I will kick it off and let's see where it takes us and anyone is welcome to take up the story at any point. To allow the story to flow I will create a separate post above for the story itself so people can comment below this current post on the story (not to give any hints of direction though!) if they feel like it.

Have fun with it!


  1. Great to see Marietta picking up the mantle. Who's next? :-)

  2. me ... I like that it can be done in a sentence or two, and the not-too-often is an excellent rule.


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