Trifecta: A City of Hell Chronicles Collection featuring me

I'm a little bit excited as my short story The Harlot and the Bad Man has been published by Anachron Press and is now available on Amazon.

Trifecta is set in the world of the City of Hell Chronicles where the great god Maurr has brought destruction to the earth which is now populated by giant ants. Mankind is definitely the second power here and despair is the order of the day. Trifecta follows on from Anachron's first anthology, the excellent City of Hell Chronicles, and I share pages with James Everington and Nina D'Arcangela who are both terrific writers and am grateful to editor Colin F Barnes for pulling this great little book together.

My story tells of Father Josef Friedricks who takes care of a group of young survivors in an underground bunker. Tending to these waifs and strays, he tells them the story of Sophia: a mother who has to overcome terrible odds and deception. The story is more than just a tale to entertain the kids; it’s a tale of grit, horror, and the extremes a mother is prepared to endure to survive in a world where hope seems all but forgotten.

Trifecta: A City of Hell Chronicles can be purchased as an e-book on Amazon here. I hope you enjoy it, or at least that it gives you nightmares ;-)


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