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One of my favourite things about hosting The Prediction over here at Phlambler's World is the supportive nature of everyone towards each other. I wondered if there was any way in which we could take this even further and had a thought.

Everyone here has such a variety of skills and talents. It occurred to me that maybe we could trade these skills and talents with each other. No money you understand, skill for skill, talent for talent. You want someone to proofread your novel, offer up your skills at doing some design work on their author website. You want some advice on how to self-publish on Kindle, offer up some advice on story plotting.

So, in the comments boxes below, place what you would like someone to do for you and what you have to offer in exchange. Or if you just fancy helping someone out for gratis then just put an offer in as I'm sure people would appreciate it. Or make up your own rules for how to do this. I'll leave you all to work out how you want to exchange any contact details but would advise not posting directly below any information you do not want in the public domain.

Hopefully this will work well but I'm just going to leave this to grow organically rather than force it.


  1. Great idea Phil. I'd be happy to offer a preliminary (and not guaranteed to be 100% but ...) reading of posts for basic errors and would certainly be willing to try my hand at designing covers. Not a website though.

  2. Proof reading is offered, nothing wanted in exchange other than peace, quiet, cooperative spirits, cooperative technology, an instant cure for migraines... aside from that, yes, I'll proof your stories for you!

    Phil, this is a wonderful idea.


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